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Cloud Services


Spam & Virus Filtering

Spam & Virus infiltration’s can cost a company time and money if left unchecked. Our filtering service protects your organization against virus and spam problems before they get to you.


Cloud Backup

Backup is one of those things that most business’s take for granted, and usually forget until a major disaster, hardware fault or theft has caused valuable data to be lost. Cloud Based backup is as simple as set and forget it. It will automatically backup all your files as little or as frequent as you require. With a few clicks of the mouse you can grab any backed up data from any web browser at a moments notice.


Cloud Server Hosting

If you are conscious about access to your onsite servers in the event of a catastrophe or disaster or you prefer a pay as you go option that doesn’t tie up precious capital, cloud server hosting is the way to go. Our servers are located in high end, high availability data centres with multiple points of redundancy providing you with the ability to grow or bolt on extra services as you go with minimal increase in cost keeping your mind at ease that your systems are protected.



We can help you with all types of webhosting from Coldfusion to WordPress or any other custom sites requirements.